It’s Fear that keeps me from writing.

It's now more than 6 weeks since I declared that I would begin writing short simple posts on a daily basis...... I claimed it was because of some perfection complex..... Well this might be true but what is behind that? FEAR, pure primal fear. Fear of being attacked, criticized, accused, belittled. Fear of not being … Continue reading It’s Fear that keeps me from writing.

The Narcissists Family

The toxic family is a regime built on fear of abandonment. A sect where "love" is never unconditional and everyone, at least subconsciously, knows they will be excluded if they reveal the truth, even to themselves...... Narcissus did not fall in love with himself, he fell in love with his own reflection..... The narcissist long … Continue reading The Narcissists Family

To My Children and Family

This post is exclusively for you so I shift to our mother language 🙂 Denna sida handlar inte om att svärta ned någon eller frita mig själv från skuld. Jag gör den för att jag är övertygad om att min historia, min förståelse,  kunskaper, litteratur, musik mm som betytt mycket för mig kan hjälpa andra … Continue reading To My Children and Family