Songs to the love of my life! so far….

Yes, so far you are. I still love the woman I saw behind your walls though I realize that those walls are too strong for me to brake through. You opened my eyes , you made me feel more loved than I had ever felt. I almost began to believe you when you said it was OK to be weak, until I realized that it was OK for everyone but you………

You are no longer high priority for me though our story and where I stand now is definitely worth a post. I´ll let Dave Grohl explain 😉


You said You were tired of shallow people, wanted something real…….


And I wondered, when I sang along with you, if everything could ever feel this real forever……..


We built a Mounument! 


The closer I got to your secret fears the more impossible it became….


Oh Yeah! I certainly took the high dive into your brain not just into your body…..

and you were the only one, now there is no one but me…


But in the end we all
Come from what’s come before…….


There’s a long straight road, out of the cold
And we can leave it all behind
I wanna get outside, baby, let’s get outside
I wanna get outside, outside, of me


Oh sweet ignition be my fuse
You have no choice you have to choose
Bid farewell to yesterday
Say goodbye I’m on my way


This is how I feel, though I realize it’s not likely to happen…. at least not with you…


Will I find a believer?
Another one who believes……


Wake up
Run for your life with me…. 

I am not sitting around waiting though I just like to tell you and everybody else I love it’s never too late to brake out of your bubble heal and connect….


Well, I might have to live with the question…. Who are You?  Though You showed me Love and you were fair enough to end my pain when You realized You were not yet ready to face your own ghosts, or did you ever reach that insight???

I remember the first time I saw this Video….. It was with you on your tablet and you told me this Guy was the former drummer of Nirvana…….


Nothing looks the same….. Though somehow I´ll make it 😉



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